OCTS stocks an impressive inventory of parts for all major brands of cooling towers.
Whether you need a bearing, fan, make-up valve or what have you, we are almost certain to have it in stock and ready for your use.
When a required part is not a stock item we will make it. Our sheet metal shop is at the ready to build a tower assembly, even over-night.

Our parts department is complemented by some of the finest technicians in the industry. When you have a problem we are ready to help.

OCTS is now representing Dynesic Technologies Inc.  We now provide the industries best adhesives and coatings in the industry.
See how Dynesic's products work to save time and money:

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Products By Dynesic Technologies Inc.

Panseal Cartridges PANSEALTM

• Permanantly Seals Leaking and Rusted Drain Pans.
• Seals Leaks Immediately.
• Works in Standing Water
• 100% Solids/No VOCs.

Panseal Gallon Container PANSEALTM

• Permanently Seals Leaks and Serves as a Durable Coating for Larger Applications such as Cooling Towers, Concrete, Basins and Chillers.
• Bonds to All Surfaces.
• Highly Chemical Resistant.
• 100% Solids/No VOCs.

Panseal Burst Seal Bags PANSEALTM

• Permanently Seals Leaks and Serves as a Durable Coating for Larger Applications such as Cooling Towers, Concrete, Basins and Chillers.
• Bonds to All Surfaces.
• Highly Chemical Resistant.
• 100% Solids/No VOCs.

Durapatch Repair Kit DURAPATCHTM

• Patches and Repairs Corroded Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass Surfaces.
• Hardens in 5-15 minutes.
• May be applied with towel - ideal for vertical surfaces.
• 100% Solids/No VOCs.


• Seals Holes in Pipes to Full-Pressure in under five minutes.
• Heat-Activated - Hardens Fully in Less Than One Minute
• Withstand Pressures up to 1200 PSI
• Permanently Seals Holes of up to 1/4 Inches or Larger in Diameter.
• 100% Solids/No VOCs.

RustInhibitor RustInhibitor

RustInhibitor is a high grade, two part epoxy with anti-corrosion resistance fillers, to be used for any environment. RustInhibitor can be applied over manually prepared surfaces to provide a primer or a top coat for corroded areas where blasting is not allowed. It can be easily applied by brush or roller to achieve a 4 to 10 mils dry fi lm thickness.

RustInhibitor is a 100%solids two part epoxy, nonflamable, anti-corrosion resistant material. You can partial mix this system or mix the entire unit which covers 266 square feet at 6 mils dry film thickness. For large areas RustInhibitor can be sprayed with a 54:1 airless or higher. Contact the manufacture for details RustInhibitor is used on pipe racks, pipes, support columns, tank tops and tank surfaces under installation where corrosion is present from sweating. You can coat over the top of RustInhibitor 6 hours after installation depending on the temperature.

SC-1100 SC-1100

SC-1100 is a 100% solids low viscosity primer designed for sealing concrete. Its slow cure rate makes it ideal for warm weather applications. SC-1100 is a 100% solids, low viscosity hybrid novolac epoxy primer designed for deep penetration and sealing of concrete surfaces.

SC-1100 helps eliminate outgassing and bubbles. SC-1100 can be applied to green concrete as young as seven days based on ASTM F1869-10 with a moisture vapor emission of 10lbs or less per 1,000sq.ft. area in a 24hr period.

SC-3300 SC-3300

SC-3300 is 100% solids Novolac based epoxy, sprayable, industrial maintenance coating for metal and concrete substrates.

SC-3300 is a high cross-link density; ceramic-filled novolac coating that is designed to provide superior, long-term chemical resistance and good immersion service. The solids content and morphology make SC-3300 an excellent tank liner.

SC-5400 SC-5400

SC-5400 is a 100% solids novolac coating designed for maximum heat and chemical resistance. Excellent coating for floors, secondary containment, ducts, piping, vessels, and storage tanks. Withstands up to 98% sulfuric acid, 100% phosphoric acid, 35% nitric acid, 100% hydrochloric acid, MEK, mineral acids, bleach, chlorides, potassium and sodium hydroxide.

SC-5400 is a true high functional Novolac epoxy based high performance coating.

Note: The data sheet on SC-5400 has 100% Hydroflouric Acid listed in the write up and I will change it to 35%

SP-2000W SP-2000W

SP-2000W is NSF/ANSI 61 certified for drinking water. It is certified for commercial hot and cold water tanks. Wherever potable water is stored or piped, SP-2000W is the coating to use. Because SP-2000W is 100% solids, it contains no volatile organic compounds or solvents, it may be safely applied in confined areas with good ventilation.

SP-2000W has been a leader in hybrid novolac coating technology and since 1990 is a standard for lining ductile pipe used in sewage gathering systems. Throughout wastewater transportation and treatment plants, Dynesic Technologies can be found protecting steel, ductile and concrete substrates.


Other Parts We Stock

Axial Fan Bearing Bearing Greaser
Belt Coil Cross CF1900
Cross XF2560 Drift Eliminator Fill 1
Fill Float Valve Float
Marley Single Reduction 47424 Modular Ladder Motor
Nozzle Nozzles Sheave
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