New Towers

Sometimes a tower has done it’s job and simply needs to be replaced. Often times simply craning in a new tower and a bit of pipe and wire is all that is required. Most often, that is not the case. On numerous occasions, where a crane is not an option, OCTS has physically carried dismantled cooling towers to roofs and built them in place. Recently OCTS, over the course of one winter, carried four large cooling towers and all associated pipe and electrical to a Toronto rooftop and seamlessly replaced old with new equipment.
Each job is different from the last and needs to be solved in a different manner.
This is where OCTS Excels.

OCTS provides turnkey installation services including, but not limited to: electrical, mechanical, VFD installation, structural steel, pumps, you name it!

We have you covered

Preventive Maintenance

OCTS has an advanced preventative maintenance program designed to prevent cooling tower failures.

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Air Handlers

For all your Air Handler needs.

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