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Ontario Cooling Tower Services (OCTS) was formed in 1989 in response to a need for ‘a common sense approach to cooling tower repair’.

Having worked in the industry prior, the founders felt that customers were being sold long lists of repairs that really weren’t necessary. Other contractors were selling all of the glossy visible components that make cooling towers look ‘pretty’ and were overlooking the more complicated structural aspect of the tower.

OCTS chose a more holistic approach with a view to the entire machine being of primary importance, not just the components.

Along the way OCTS recognized that a full service provider must also have a division dedicated to replacing cooling towers that had served their purpose and didn’t justify the cost of repair.

Our competent staff is well versed in all aspects of new tower turnkey installation.

Others have come and gone along the way but, OCTS has maintained its course.

We continue to educate customers and work with them to accomplish meaningful repairs and re-builds that are consistent with owner’s expectations and budgets.

Ontario Cooling Tower Services provides new products, replacement parts, complete refurbishing of existing cooling towers as well as Turnkey New Tower Installations.
OCTS is based in Ontario, Canada, servicing all of Toronto and surrounding area's including, Mississauga, London, Kingston, Barrie, Sudbury, Brampton ,Niagara Falls, Scarborough, Oshawa, Kitchener, Cambridge, Burlington, Oakville, Vaughan, Hamilton and St Catherines.

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Canada's Largest In Stock Selection Of Cooling Tower Nozzles Available For All Makes Of Towers.
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Each job is different from the last and needs to be solved in a different manner. This is where OCTS Excels.

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